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Blow-Fill-Seal Device Development

Device Development

Blow-Fill-Seal Device Development

Device Development

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Our engineers work with your team to design, test, and refine your Blow-Fill-Seal-based prefilled drug delivery system so it is right for your product.

Designing the Right Prefilled Injector for your Drug Product

Our BFS and device experts work with your team to test the prototype BFS mold and assembled drug delivery device designed for your drug product. Once the prototype BFS container has been designed, manufactured, and filled, our device engineers will modify our intramuscular needle hub, or other relevant attachable components, to fit your approved container. This can involve a combination of 3D printing and plastic injection molding.

Once a prototype needle hub or other component is designed and fitted, it will go through a range of onsite tests, including:

  • Fill temperature
  • Squeeze force
  • Delivered volume
  • Component attachment force

As testing results are produced, our experts can make modifications to the BFS container and attachable components so that together we can create the best BFS-based prefilled drug delivery system for your sterile liquid drug product.


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