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Unlocking the Potential
of BFS for Injectables

ApiJect and our manufacturing partners create all of our non-BFS components to ensure our high standard of quality and reliability.

Reliable Component Supply

A Prefilled ApiJect Injector* is designed to be made when a Needle Hub is attached to a BFS container. The Needle Hub, and any other attachable non-BFS components, are made, packaged and delivered by licensed ApiJect manufacturing partners.

Our non-BFS manufacturing partners have deep experience in both the injection-molded plastic manufacturing process and the medical device business. In addition, ApiJect has a manufacturing partnership for cannula supply for Needle Hubs and other injection-oriented components.

*The Prefilled ApiJect Injector and its components are not cleared by the FDA or other regulatory bodies.

See how ApiJect supports fill-finish of your drug product
through our device design and development.

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