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In-house Mold Design and Production for Testing


In-house Mold Design and Production for Testing

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ApiJect experts can design and manufacture prototype Blow-Fill-Seal molds to find the perfect fit for your drug product

Prototype BFS Mold Design & Manufacturing

A BFS drug delivery system starts with creating the ideal polymer container for your drug product. This BFS container needs to reliably meet a range of requirements, including:

  • Squeeze force
  • Exit flow
  • Delivered volume
  • Fill temperature
  • Component attachment force

The mold is very important as it ensures good dose delivery with the unit dose capability of BFS. Our BFS experts work with your team to design the right BFS container for your drug product, and then manufacture it onsite.

As the container with your drug product goes through testing, we can modify the BFS mold to better shape the container to overcome any challenges. And since our team and these capabilities are under one roof at the ApiJect Technology Development Center, we are equipped to meet your timeline.


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