The Heat Factor: Why It Matters in Blow-Fill-Seal

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The Heat Factor: Why It Matters in Blow-Fill-Seal

Bestselling writer Victoria Aveyard once explained why heat is both a blessing and a curse in human life. She said: “The thing with heat is, no matter how cold you are, no matter how much you need warmth, it always, eventually, becomes too much.”

How can you put a sterile liquid that is 2-8 degrees into a plastic container that was formed at 180 degrees, just a second before it’s filled?

Jeff Price

Principal FS Engineer

Jeff Price has 30 years of industrial, aerospace, and pharmaceutical manufacturing related experience, including 27 years specializing in all aspects of Blow-Fill-Seal aseptic liquid filling technology.

He has 7 years of experience at VP level of operations management and engineering development of a privately-owned sterile inhalation generic drug manufacturing facility utilizing Blow-Fill-Seal technology. He also authored and presented several papers on aseptic design (referenced in the 2004 FDA Aseptic Guidelines document), as well as Heat Transfer analysis of the BFS process (product temperature profile during filling process) for heat sensitive products. Mr. Price has been awarded 11 patents for innovations related to BFS processes.