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Jeff Price
Consulting Principal BFS Engineer

Jeff Price has 28 years of pharmaceutical experience specializing in all aspects of Blow-Fill-Seal sterile aseptic liquid filling technology.

He has seven years of experience at VP level of Operations Management and Engineering Development of a privately-owned sterile inhalation generic drug manufacturing facility using Blow-Fill-Seal technology. He also authored and presented several papers on aseptic design (referenced in the 2004 FDA Aseptic Guidelines), as well as Heat Transfer analysis of the BFS process (product temperature profile during filling process) for heat sensitive products. Mr. Price has been awarded 11 patents for innovations related to BFS processes.

Mr. Price’s pharma experience includes serving as Principal Engineer at Icon Engineering, Inc.,; serving as Vice President, Operations & Engineering, Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp., responsible for overall plant operations including BFS design, development, installation, startup, and manufacturing; and serving as Director of Engineering & Business Development for Vital Pharma, Inc.

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