The ApiJect Prefilled Injector

A Step Forward in Injections

Two trusted technologies

working together

The ApiJect Prefilled Injector brings together an aseptically-filled Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) container and a pen needle-style Needle Hub* to reliably deliver injectable vaccines and medicines.

Today, BFS manufacturing is trusted to package tens of billions of sterile pharmaceutical liquids every year, from saline to vaccines.

ApiJect’s Technology Platform enables a healthcare provider to push and twist on a proprietary Needle Hub to the top of a BFS Container — transforming it into a new type of prefilled syringe called a Prefilled Injector.

This union brings together the convenience, safety, and quality of prefilled syringes with the affordable cost, aseptic filling, and scalability of Blow-Fill-Seal.

*This device is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States.

Reliably high quality

Blow-Fill_Seal moulds

Aseptically filled. Sterility sealed.

Blow-Fill-Seal is widely recognized as an advanced aseptic packaging process. And BFS is trusted to package tens of billions of units of sterile liquid pharmaceuticals annually, including vaccines and biologics.

Each BFS container is formed, filled with the drug, and sealed in a seamless process that can take as little as 3 seconds. The Needle Hub is also sterilized and sealed, waiting for the administrator to attach it just before injection.

Injection Cross Section

Simple snap & twist to activate.

Currently, the Needle Hub and BFS Container arrive unassembled, which improves cold chain capacity and simplifies the supply chain. All the administrator needs to do is push the Needle Hub onto the neck of the BFS container, and then twist it to activate the Prefilled Injector.

The twist drives the bottom of the double-ended needle into the BFS Container, allowing the liquid to be squeezed out (needle penetration of the drug chamber is designed to reduce overfill).

Large Inventory

Can scale to any order size

With a single BFS production line able to package up to 15 million doses a month, BFS excels with large orders. But BFS can also handle much smaller dose runs thanks to its quick turnover capabilities.

In addition, because ApiJect is developing BFS Container sizes for various dose ranges, switching between one fill size to another only requires a mold change. True flexibility and scalability for any size job.

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