The ApiJect Technology Platform

Simple Innovative Solutions

Reimagining Injectable Drug Solutions.

The ApiJect technology Platform allows everyone – from global pharma companies to individual inventors – to solve drug delivery challenges anywhere in the world.

ApiJect’s Technology Platform uses interlocking component design to create drug delivery systems for sterile liquid pharmaceuticals. Typically, the Platform brings together Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) drug filling and finishing technology with custom-designed, sterile plastic components.

For instance, the ApiJect Prefilled Injector is made by having a Connector and Needle Hub attach to the BFS Container, creating a new type of simple, affordable, and scalable prefilled syringe.

bfs photo

At the center of the ApiJect platform is Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS), an advanced aseptic drug filling and finishing process. The reliability and efficiency of BFS allow for any size order, large or small, to be fulfilled with reliable quality at any scale.
Because ApiJect’s use of BFS makes and fills containers made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), those containers can be formed into a wide range of volumes and shapes. ApiJect is creating a range of molds to cover various fill volumes.

Flexible BFS Manufacturing

The ApiJect Technology Platform enables any organization to fill and finish its liquid medicines and vaccines in BFS Containers that plug into ApiJect Prefilled Injectors.
This means a pharmaceutical company can fill and finish their drug in ApiJect-approved BFS Containers in their own facility, at a trusted CMO, or with ApiJect’s manufacturing support at our own BFS lines.
Likewise, ApiJect will provide advisory services to any pharma company set up BFS lines in their own facility to fill and finish their drugs in Prefilled Injectors.


Building Large Capacity to Support Our Pharma Partners.

In addition to helping our pharmaceutical partners set up their own manufacturing, ApiJect is contracting dedicated lines and building our own facilities to provide BFS manufacturing support.

Today, ApiJect has partnered with a contractor in South Carolina to fill and finish up to 45 million units per month across 3 BFS lines. We are also building a multi-facility BFS Campus in North Carolina that when completed will be able to fill and finish up to 2+ billion doses a year, outfitted with BSL-2 environments and freeze chain capabilities.

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