The ApiJect Platform

Simple Solutions for Injectables

Reinventing Injectables

The ApiJect Platform enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to design scalable prefilled injectors and efficiently fill-finish sterile liquids.

At ApiJect, we work together with our pharmaceutical partners to design scalable prefilled injectors customized to their drug product’s needs. By bringing together Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) plastic containers and needle hubs or other simplified plastic components, single-dose prefilled injectors can be made efficiently for both development and commercial production.

Bringing Together

Two Trusted Technologies*

* The ApiJect Prefilled Injector and its components have not been cleared by regulators.

Unlocking the Potential of BFS

Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) is an advanced aseptic drug packaging process used to fill-finish tens of billions of sterile pharmaceutical liquids, including both small and large molecules and biologics.

At ApiJect, we are working with our technology partners to advance BFS so that it can reliably fill-finish a very wide range of injectable drug products, potentially including highly temperature-sensitive biologics and vaccines that require the freeze chain.

By leveraging the efficiency and reliability of BFS, our pharmaceutical partners will be able to aseptically fill and finish their injectable drug products at both development and large-scale commercial volumes. And by using BFS molds designed by ApiJect, a needle hub will be able to be affixed to the top of the prefilled BFS containers, enabling the pharmaceutical company to turn all those BFS containers into single-dose prefilled injectors.

Downloadable PDF: Introduction to BFS

BFS Enables High Scale and Reliability

A single high-volume BFS rotary machine, such as the Rommelag® Bottelpack 460-20 (as seen in the above video), can fill-finish up to 25,000 single-dose units per hour. By affixing a needle hub to the top of those prefilled BFS containers, ApiJect is helping our partners potentially turn all those BFS containers into single-dose prefilled injectors.

BFS strip on a separator during manufacturing
Technology and Licensing Services

Once a BFS container and drug delivery system are approved, there are several ways our experts can work with the client to fill-finish their product in the device at scale. These may include:

BFS Mold Licensing
The commercial BFS mold our experts design for your drug product will be manufactured, licensed, and installed on the BFS machine(s) in your facility or at a partner CMO/CDMO. 

Technology Licensing
Our team will work with the pharmaceutical company on technology and processes to control temperature, visually inspect, and improve the overall quality and efficiency for products in that BFS mold.

If the pharmaceutical partner chooses, ApiJect can introduce them to a reputable contract manufacturer with the necessary BFS lines to fill-finish their drug product.

BFS Line Installation
If your company installs a new BFS line, or updates an existing one, our BFS experts are available to provide guidance on the right machines to fill-finish your drug product in our delivery systems for that specific facility.

Solving Your Drug Delivery Problems

To learn more about the ApiJect Platform and how it may be able to solve drug delivery challenges for your injectable products, contact our team today.

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