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Advancing Technology
to Better Solve
Drug Delivery Challenges

Our commitment to R&D allows us to help companies be cost-effective and efficient when fill-finishing their parenteral products in prefilled drug delivery systems.

Our research and development efforts focus on the entire fill-finish process, including:

  • Designing new BFS-based prefilled injectors for a wide range of drug delivery challenges
  • Improving temperature control throughout the filling process
  • Efficient packaging for the devices on our platform
  • Accelerated prototype development
  • Reliable inline visual and cosmetic inspection of BFS containers

The new ApiJect Technology Development Center in greater Orlando, Florida is the latest example of our growing commitment to pushing our technology farther to better serve our customers. Read our Project Profile here.

*The Prefilled ApiJect Injector and its components are not cleared by the FDA or other regulatory bodies.

Meet the experts who carry forward our commitment to research & development.

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