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Working hand-in-hand to aseptically fill more drug products in Blow-Fill-Seal

ApiJect is committed to working with pharmaceutical partners that want to put their drugs in reliable, aseptically filled Prefilled Injectors, discover new opportunities and grow their markets.

Whether our pharmaceutical partners want to package their liquid drugs in BFS using their facilities or our own, ApiJect is there every step of the way to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

ApiJect’s new campus in North Carolina will operate 15+ BFS production lines.

Starting in Q1 2022, the first BFS manufacturing lines at ApiJect’s Gigafactory on its new campus in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina will begin operations. Once complete, the Gigafactory and its accompanying buildings will run 15 state-of-the-art BFS manufacturing lines, capable of filling up to 3 billion doses a year.

Each BFS line at the Gigafactory will be segregated and have both Biosafety Level 2 and cold chain capabilities. And since it relies on a much more compact and domestic supply chain, its manufacturing output is much more reliable than the traditional supply chain, especially in these turbulent times.

Learn more about the ApiJect Campus and its Gigafactory, view the press release below.


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