Flexible BFS Manufacturing

Building Large-Scale Manufacturing Support

If a pharmaceutical customer does not want to perform the BFS fill and finish in their facility, ApiJect has, and is building more, world-class capacity to support their manufacturing needs.
Today, ApiJect has 3 BFS lines at a partnering organization’s facility in South Carolina. Each of these lines have BSL-2 capability and can produce up to an estimated 15 million finished units per month at a 0.3-0.7mL dose fill size. In addition, ApiJect is partnering with other high-quality manufacturing organizations to quickly bring more capacity online to support our customers.

In the coming years, ApiJect will be opening , the new ApiJect Campus and its Gigafactory in North Carolina to greatly expand the manufacturing support we can provide our pharmaceutical customers who do not want to do the fill and finish of their injectable drug products in their facilities.

Gigafactory Rendering

ApiJect Campus Stats at a Glance


Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

Size of campus

100 acres

Primary buildings on campus


Number of isolated BFS lines


BFS line features

Aseptic filling, BSL-2 equipped, Temporary cold chain

Gigafactory features

Cold and freeze chain storage, Large onsite materials stockpile

Projected annual capacity

Up to 2+ billion units

Number of secondary packaging lines


A Compact, Simplified Supply Chain

The supply chain for ApiJect’s medical devices is more compact and flexible than those required for traditional pharmaceutical fill and finish. With a simplified supply chain, continuous operations become far more reliable, even when traditional supply chains are disrupted by a pandemic or other national emergency.

For example, ApiJect’s first device, the Prefilled Injector, requires only two raw materials: pharmaceutical-grade polymer (plastic) and hypodermic needles (made from stainless-steel cannula). Both can typically be sourced domestically and can be stored in large quantities onsite if needed.

To learn more about ApiJect’s devices and technology platform, click here.

ApiJect's Injector

Needle Hubs Manufactured Onsite

The ApiJect Campus will have its own Needle Hub Manufacturing Facility onsite. Jointly operated by ApiJect and one of the world’s largest needle and cannula manufacturers, this facility is projected to be able to produce enough Needle Hubs for every BFS Container produced at the Gigafactory, and beyond.

Onsite needle manufacturing further strengthens the ApiJect’s Campus’ reliability to package and deliver finished products on time, enabling it to continue operations, potentially even during emergencies that disrupt global supply chains.

Coming Soon

Construction of the ApiJect Campus is now underway. The majority of BFS manufacturing lines are scheduled to be operational by the end of 2023.

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