The Future of Prefilled Syringes: Why I'm an Optimist

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The Future of Prefilled Syringes: Why I’m an Optimist

Are prefilled syringes (PFS) and prefilled injectors the future of injectable medicines and vaccines? There is growing evidence to suggest that they very well could be, and that it would be a real win for pharma companies, healthcare providers, and above all, patients.

At least three factors can be expected to drive increased global reliance on PFS:

Beth Totin


With 20+ years of experience in marketing and business development, Beth Totin has spearheaded the growth of BFS and traditional glass filling (PFS, vials and cartridge) manufacturing and commercialization efforts for several multinational contract manufacturing organizations.

Prior to joining ApiJect, Beth was responsible for the introduction of a new manufacturing facility in North America for Unither Pharmaceuticals (France), significantly scaling the site for sterile and oral product technologies. During her time at Siegfried, Beth directed innovation efforts around biologics and delivery devices through domestic and international production sites of glass ampoules, vials, cartridges, and BFS. At Catalent, she expanded the customer base by helping to create a new injectable BFS product offering while overseeing a domestic BFS manufacturing site and multiple international sites serving global customers.