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ApiJect Makes Scalable Manufacturing of Prefilled Syringes Possible

Now there is a better, more cost-effective way to safely deliver medicines and vaccines to the US and global markets.

ApiJect’s proprietary manufacturing technology utilizes Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) aseptic drug packaging technology, the ApiJect Prefilled Injector is to rapidly manufacture at scale a new type of unit-dose high-quality and affordable prefilled syringe — the ApiJect Prefilled Injector*.

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Introducing the

ApiJect Prefilled Injector

BFS soft plastic containers package billions of doses a year.

Snapped together, these 3 components form the ApiJect Prefilled Injector.

A sterile Needle Hub and blue connector are snapped onto the container by the nurse.

By using an interconnecting component design, the Prefilled Injector can be customized to meet the drug’s and market’s need, such as including a safety needle cap, an auto-disable jacket, or expanding to deliver larger dose sizes.

* The Needle Hub and Connector have been submitted for FDA review and were supported in-part by the U.S. Government as part of COVID-19 response.

Introducing the


Blow-Fill-Seal is an FDA-recognized advanced aseptic process that is trusted globally to fill more than 50 billion units a year of vaccines, therapeutics, and other sterile liquid pharmaceuticals. In fact, the Prefilled Injector can be manufactured on a BFS line at rates of up to 15 million finished units a month per machine.

01 Extruding

BFS machine pours molten plastic into tube shape (“parison”) inside an ISO 5 clean space.

02 Blowing

Airstream blows parison open. Bottom mold closes to create 2-cavity shape.

03 Filling

Rod inserted to fill parison with precise dose of liquid vaccine or medicine.

04 Sealing

Upper mold closes, sealing the top of container.

The Prefilled Injector follows ApiJect’s design philosophy of bringing together simple, trusted components to solve drug delivery challenges. Our experts share their knowledge and know-how to help deliver customized innovative solutions to achieve your goals and objectives.


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