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ApiJect Platform Brings Together BFS and Injection Molding

The ApiJect Platform brings together prefilled, single-dose parenterals with scalable, efficient manufacturing to solve drug delivery challenges for liquid drugs in all markets.

Designing the Right Solution for Your Product

The ApiJect Platform creates prefilled parenteral devices by bringing together Blow-Fill-Seal advanced aseptic drug packaging with attachable drug delivery components. This allows us to design a cost-effective, prefilled drug delivery system that is tailored to a pharmaceutical or biotech company’s drug product.

We do this by customizing the right Blow-Fill-Seal drug container to aseptically fill-finish the drug product. Then we design it so simple plastic delivery systems, such as needle hubs, can be easily and securely attached to the prefilled BFS container.

Prototype Construction and Testing

Once design is approved, the ApiJect Platform allows our team to rapidly design the necessary molds and build a prototype device for performance testing in our Technology Development Center in the Orlando, Florida area.

Once the pharma or biotech partner is ready for development and manufacturing runs, we license our molds, components, and expertise to help them successfully and cost-effectively fill-finish their drug products in our prefilled injection delivery systems.

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Learn how Blow-Fill-Seal makes the ApiJect Platform possible

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